Cyber Security

The world is a terrible place…ha!…Ok…not really. But there are number of external forces that do not always play out in your favor, especially when it comes to your computer systems and the data that resides within. Systems get hacked, data gets stolen or made inaccessible. Viruses, malware, ransomware. You cannot let your guard down. This is where iTechNS can help.

We provide proven reliable solutions to protect your systems and your data. We take Security very seriously and we know that it is not a set and forget proposition. Our Security solutions are implemented as a Managed Service and is a centrally managed solution. If a system gets infected, we know about it, and we can take steps to deal with the infection if required. Many times automatic remediation processes handle this and manual intervention is not necessary (but we handle that part to…see bullet list below). Being pro-active is what it’s all about.

  • MDR – Speaking about being pro-active. Our Security Services now include a feature called MDR. MDR, you say…what’s that? MDR stands for Managed, Detection, & Response. It adds the human component to Cyber Security
  • Complete Network Protection – We don’t just provide protection at the endpoint. We also cover the main entry point…the Firewall (a.k.a. ‘Router’). Part of a complete Cyber Security Solution, we can provide a Next Gen Firewall which will not only protect your network to Internet connection, but will also work in unison with our endpoint security
  • Comprehensive Security Features – Ransomware Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Website Filtering, Content Filtering, Synchronized Security…its all in there

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